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Originally from England, Joanne Fultz brings a blend of English charm and American drive to the city of Naples and South Florida. She began working at a commercial real estate agency, representing a large portfolio of high-end golf courses and luxury hotels throughout France. Joanne is a personal real estate investor herself, with a portfolio of properties in Paris, the UK, Ohio and Florida. She brings with her an extensive network of international and domestic clients. Visit her Youtube page for the latest featured listings and news in the real estate market.

Merci à la Chambre de Commerce Canada-Floride de m’avoir invité au webinaire! Nous avons discuté pendant une heure de l’état du marché immobilier en Floride - découvrez la totalité du webinaire sur leur site Facebook!

James Hunter is a young and vibrant 48 year old real estate agent who prior to real estate worked as a Commercial and Corporate Banker and had a lot of success in banking and investing over the years. He created this channel to share his successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry, banking industry and to support others who are thinking of getting into any business. Hit Subscribe and take this ride with him. He will make sure it is fun, very educational along the way and throw bits of other golden nuggets of relationship building success also.

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